Take control of care planning

Proper Care. Every Time.

Care Coordination & Connectivity

Take control of care planning

Allscripts offers you a comprehensive view of your patient’s care plan. Our care coordination solutions improve safety and quality as a patient transitions from one care setting to another.  Allscripts helps build assessments, monitor results, track outcomes and make modifications in a person’s care plan.

Healthcare is a group effort, and having full visibility into a patient’s care plan is critical. Adopting the right solution helps treat patients who have ongoing medical needs and ensure they receive proper care every time.

Access your patient’s care plan

Don’t second guess your care decisions any more. No longer worry about how you’re going to follow a patient’s chronic condition like diabetes, asthma or heart disease. Leave the tracking and synchronization to Allscripts.  

Patient Flow

Allscripts Patient Flow is an enterprise-wide patient flow management solution that automates complex and labor intensive operational processes — from bed management to transport and turnover.

Allscripts Analytics EHR Agent

Allscripts Analytics EHR Agent allows healthcare organizations to truly connect and achieve a workflow that provides meaningful and actionable data.

Allscripts Analytics Collaborate

Allscripts Analytics Collaborate allows physicians to intuitively and securely monitor and manage the progress of their patients, their patient populations, and their events within their day-to-day workflow.