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 Client Story:  UPMC

A decade of interoperability success

UPMC has a history of finding and developing innovative technology solutions to improve the delivery of patient care. One example of this is demonstrated by its efforts to help develop the dbMotion suite of interoperability solutions. One of the largest health systems in the United States, UPMC sought to bring together disparate HIT systems to improve clinical decision making at every patient encounter. UPMC’s vision and approach enabled it to connect with surrounding health systems, health information exchanges (HIEs), remote hospitals and the UPMC Health Plan.

”From a clinical perspective, the value that an interoperability platform brings is’s huge in preventing duplication of care, treatment and services.”

Key Outcomes

  • A UPMC survey found that two out of three clinicians report that accessing comprehensive patient data changed care decisions
  • UPMC clinicians are accessing the interoperability patient record an average of 125,000 times per month
  • UPMC has 78 systems contributing data and 133 interfaces with dbMotion

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