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Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH)

Improving medication safety with electronic prescribing

The second largest site of the King’s College NHS Foundation Trust, Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) took a significant step on their journey to an Allscripts Sunrise electronic patient record in November 2017, when the organisation implemented the first phase of the Sunrise Acute Care deployment.

At that time, PRUH introduced order communications and results, some electronic documentation and nursing assessments. A tab within the open Sunrise EPR enables clinicians to view information and documentation, captured from multiple systems across the Trust. Within six months, PRUH went from paper to a digitised record.

The next phase of the rollout was to deploy Electronic Prescribing and Medication Administration (EPMA), ward by ward, starting in January 2018. Working with Allscripts, the ICT team developed a methodical, structured approach to the configuration and training. Certain wards were given more time to prepare, and with the addition of the Accident & Emergency department in July of 2018, the inpatient rollout was complete.

The benefits of EPMA

Electronic prescribing makes medication administration safer. For example, prescribers are not deciphering handwriting, or calculating appropriate doses or frequency for each client.

One of the features of EPMA that prescribers appreciate is syndromic prescribing, which helps physicians choose the right drugs for the right condition. For example, if a user types in pneumonia, the appropriate prescribing order set will appear. Drop down menus and order sets help standardise prescribing to evidence-based best practices.

”The nursing teams at the PRUH have amazed me with how well they have embraced new ways of working, with the introduction of EPR, EPMA and electronic observation. The success of this implementation was due to the planning and support provided by the IT team to the nurses and doctors within their clinical areas and is a perfect example of excellent teamwork”

While the new workflows may require an initial adjustment from users, the organisation anticipates it will save time once fully adopted. Future workflows will improve discharge notification practices.

Because PRUH was a “greenfield” site within King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, it has proven a manageable site to introduce optimised functionality and refine workflows before these are introduced in sites with a longer EPR history, such as King’s College Hospital. The work helps enable King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to achieve unified workflows across the entire enterprise.

Implementation Highlights

  • Implemented new EPR between November 2017 and January 2018
  • Rolled out EPMA January – July 2018
  • By the end of July, nearly 100% of patients have an electronic chart on EPMA

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