Sunrise EPR

Experience the power of connection through the most complete EPR solution on the market.

Sunrise Critical Care

Sunrise™ Critical Care automates end-to-end critical care workflows within adult, paediatric and neonatal critical care units. Our solution links doctors, nurses and other care team members with the evidence-based clinical information they need to improve efficiency, throughput and patient safety in the highest-acuity settings. This means your intensive care clinicians can spend more time caring for patients when every minute counts.

Sunrise Emergency Care

In the dynamic emergency department environment, your clinicians require the right patient information, right away. Sunrise Emergency Care is a comprehensive emergency department information system proven to streamline care transitions and favourably impact clinical and financial outcomes. It supercharges the traditional tracking board with a powerful and intuitive interface, displaying order status at-a-glance, with fewer clicks to access vital tasks and information.

Sunrise Oncology

Because cancer treatment is complex and evolving, your oncology clinicians need a robust solution built specifically for their specialty. Sunrise Oncology Care meets that need, designed to incorporate NHS standard treatment regimens with complex oncology protocols and safeguards. We enable your clinicians to leverage evidence-based treatment plans, clinical documentation, order sets, cancer staging and clinical decision support tools – in a safe, powerful and paperless environment.

Sunrise Surgical Care

Sunrise Surgical Care brings the power of Allscripts into your operating room. It connects every point, from pre-operative planning, through the perioperative suite, to postoperative care and beyond. Real-time updates keep your entire clinical and operational team in the loop, while everything is tracked on a single, continuous patient record.

Sunrise Anaesthesia

Your clinicians need the right information to provide the best care. That’s why we integrated our Sunrise Surgical Care solution with iPro Anesthesia™ from iProcedures. A single patient record from pre-op to post-acute gives your clinicians real-time access to clinical, billing and administrative information – and supports fast, accurate documentation.

Sunrise Knowledge-Based Medication Administration

Sunrise Knowledge-Based Medication Administration delivers advanced clinical decision support – with barcode technology – to help your nurses quickly and accurately verify the five rights of medication administration: right medication, right dose, right time, right route and right patient. This solution integrates with your trust’s pharmacy solution for electronic requesting of prescribed medication supplies.

Sunrise Wound Care

Sunrise Wound Care gives your clinicians the tools to provide complete interdisciplinary wound assessment, treatment and care planning documentation in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The embedded image capture software, powered by TRUE-See™, further enables accurate wound care documentation and analysis.

Sunrise Clinical Performance Manager

Harness your data, and you’ll transform your organisation. Sunrise Clinical Performance Manager gives you the tools to mine clinical data and transform it into actionable information – without complex query-writing skills. Our solution’s rules engines, predictive analytics, advanced data visualisation, and customisable key performance indicators (which can be aligned with NHS mandates such as CQUIN) empower decision makers to monitor compliance and drive improvement.

Sunrise Mobile Care

Sunrise Mobile Care is an easy-to-use iOS and Android app that delivers key workflows for nurses and clinical staff – including patient worklists and flowsheet recording and viewing (with NHS standard NEWS scoring). It enables nurses to spend their time on patient engagement and clinical activities while maintaining up-to-the minute electronic patient records.

Sunrise Mobile MD

Give your doctors the patient and task management tools they need wherever they are. From iOS- and Android-driven devices, doctors can quickly review patient status, verify and manage all orders, review results as they are received, and view diagnostic-grade images and problems specific to the patient. Sunrise Mobile MD enables users to maximise productivity – and enables organisations to achieve IT initiative compliance.

Hospital IQ

Hospital IQ empowers your hospital’s leaders to optimise efficiency by systematically aligning resources – such as staff, operating rooms and inpatient beds – with your actual and predicted patient flow. Our solution gives you the ability to achieve data-driven performance improvement through its modules for Staff Planning, Surgical Planning, Census Forecasting, Capacity Planning and Elective Smoothing.


Optimising capacity and patient throughput are key to your trust’s patient care – and its financial strength. TeleTracking® is an enterprise-wide patient flow module that helps you make the best resource utilisation decisions, from bed management to housekeeping to porting, so that you are able to deliver the right care at the right time and place.


2bPrecise®, an Allscripts company, is the ground-breaking platform that fulfils the promise of precision medicine by simplifying, condensing and extracting genomic and clinical data insights. It then delivers those insights into the hands of your clinicians, right when they need them. You’ll have the game-changing power of actionable scientific information as an integrated part of your clinical workflow.

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