Manage patient care with unparalleled configuration

Flexible tailored solutions in partnership with NHS current and future working practices

Allscripts PAS

Flexible Suite of Products on an Open platform

TheAllscripts Patient Administration System (PAS) fits
within a suite of products, developed specifically
for the UK health sector, which covers all aspects
of patient management and care.

Close integration of clinical functionality and real-time administrative workflow delivers tangible benefits for healthcare organisations large or small.

The system supports touch screens, patient kiosks,
and message alerts. All workflow  processes have been designed and tailored for the National Health Service (NHS) in close partnership with NHS Trusts.

Allscripts PAS provides:

  • Master Patient Index
  • Referral Management and RTT
  • Outpatient Scheduling and Management
  • Waiting List Management
  • Inpatient and Bed Management
  • Clinical Coding
  • Casenote Tracking
  • Reporting

Client Testimonials

Worcestershire NHS

“Our Ward Clerk was always playing catch up. Keeping on top of new information always took some time – particularly if staff handwriting was untidy. The new Whiteboards have improved efficiency, removed double entry and have significantly cut down on the misinterpretation errors that used to happen.”

Dudley and Walsall

“The overall expenditure came in at less than 25% of what would otherwise have been incurred. And benefits could start materialising around one year sooner.”

Dudley and Walsall

“To implement a system with roughly 800 users in six months from signing the contract was unheard of. You are normally looking at 18 months for that kind of deployment.”

brighton and Sussex

“Ward staff can now see key information relating to each individual patient at a glance, including test results, risk of infection data and who is waiting for an assessment.

The new screens also indicate when patients are expected to go home and flag up referrals for any nursing or social care they may need when they leave hospital.”