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Solutions that integrate data from across your organization

Analytics & Insights


Allscripts provides solutions that integrate data from across your organization to help analyze dependencies, trends and patterns. We help you identify bottlenecks and areas of concern from a high-level perspective, to your patient’s detailed information. Allscripts takes the guesswork out of your organization’s clinical and financial performance.

Data-driven decisions need perspective. And such outlooks require real-time, clean data for better decisions at the point of care. Insights and analytics serve as the foundation for informed analysis and effective planning across your organization. Information that produces true business and clinical intelligence allows you to achieve your goals and provides opportunities to deploy broad-based analytic strategies of your choosing, allowing you to prepare for new payment models and improve healthcare effectiveness.

Don’t make any more decisions based on an estimated guess. Make sure you have the facts and numbers to prevent medical errors, and improve the financial health of your organization.


Harmonize Data

Increase effectiveness of analytic solutions with access to harmonized data from across the connected community

Improve Performance

Delivers multifaceted financial, clinical and operational knowledge for informed analysis and continuous performance improvement

Manage Populations

Better population management and risk assessment to identify and continuously monitor high-cost, high-priority populations based on access to more comprehensive patient data

Measure Outcomes

Measure performance and outcomes, analyze utilization, manage risk, reduce cost and improve quality

KLAS Category Leader

2013 Best in KLAS Report

Allscripts EPSi is a fully integrated, web-based solution that can load and process data from virtually any healthcare software system. It features integrated analytics, budgeting and knowledge-based decision support and brings together major components of financial management, to help strategically manage the financial needs of healthcare organizations.

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KLAS Category Leader 2013


Allscripts Analytics Population Health Analytics

Allscripts Analytics Population Health Analytics enables healthcare organizations to measure performance and outcomes, analyze utilization, manage risk, reduce cost and improve quality across the continuum of care.

Allscripts Analytics Clinical Analytics Gateway

Allscripts Analytics Clinical Analytics Gateway allows healthcare professionals to create and implement broad-based analytic strategies.


Allscripts EPSi is a complete, integrated budgeting, financial decision support and long-range financial planning solution developed to ensure a stronger financial future in a value-based care world.