Impact and Change Patient Behavior

Engage Patients Directly in the ongoing Management of their Care

Patient Engagement

Patients as part of the care team

Allscripts knows you need to connect with patients. Our patient engagement software helps you achieve better outcomes, reduce ER visits and decrease hospitalizations. Allscripts software also integrates with solutions across an organization, regardless of a provider’s software.

It is easy to recognize an engaged patient – they do what their health care providers recommend and remain compliant. With a patient engagement platform, individuals and their families have the opportunity to become active members of their care team/

Empower patients to connect with providers

Talk with your patients about investing in their health and staying engaged. An involved patient is more than likely a healthier person. And the result...a population we can successfully manage across the continuum of care.





Monitoring & Compliance

Extending the platform’s value, FollowMyHealth Achieve leverages consumer-friendly wireless technologies in the home,  enabling providers to engage patients directly in the ongoing management of their care. This helps providers monitor the patient’s compliance with care plans and initiate interventions as needed to influence behavior and impact outcomes.

Patient Portal

Allscripts FollowMyHealth provides user-friendly navigation to encourage individuals and families to participate in their health care by taking a more active role in securely managing their well-being. Accessed via the Web or through our mobile app, FollowMyHealth is a more convenient way for patients to stay connected – providing patients with the ability to securely message physicians with questions regarding their health, view upcoming appointments and test and lab results, and renew medications.