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Integrated Care and Connected Communies

Better connect to facilities in your region for community integrated care. Drive safer patient outcomes.

With patient-centred platforms and data-driven intelligence, you have the power to create lasting change in both care delivery and operations. Through our analytics and patient engagement platforms, Allscripts helps you deliver timely care, improve patient interactions and ensure coordinated, quality services across the care continuum.


The dbMotion Solution enables organisations to integrate patient data from diverse care settings, such as health and social care, regardless of IT supplier, into a single longitudinal patient record. dbMotion provides semantically normalised data, point-of-care tools and an analytics gateway. This reduces the cost of care delivery, enables clinicians to provide more informed patient care, drives clinical outcomes and supports the transition to accountable care.

Care Director

This web-based solution helps your organisation manage total population health, ensure appropriateness of care across all care settings, and achieve high-quality outcomes. Acute and post-acute facilities and general practitioners (GPs) can use Care Director to better allocate resources and appropriately coordinate care, to close gaps and reduce preventable readmissions.

Allscripts FollowMyHealth

When patients take an active role in their care, good things happen. Our patient engagement platform gives individuals a single point of access to their complete health records, no matter what software their providers use. Patients can use FollowMyHealth® to schedule appointments or email their providers, while patient-generated data flows directly back to the EPR, automatically populates the medical record, and helps their providers track their progress.

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