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Allscripts Services

Client services which drive care outcomes. A true partnership that yields results.

Clinical Quality Programme

The Allscripts Clinical Quality Programme transforms your healthcare organisation through the optimisation of Allscripts software. Allscripts’ consultants work side-by-side with your providers and IT leadership to design solutions that meet clinical and operational goals.

Hosting Solutions

Allscripts Hosting Solutions will help you solve IT challenges by providing the integration of our operations, development and support teams. We will handle upgrades and system expansions, while managing hardware maintenance, depreciation and on-premise data centre costs.

Managed Services

To help you maximise the power of your IT investments, Allscripts Managed IT Services delivers customised, cost-effective services ranging from service desk only to fully managed IT services. Subject matter and technical experts provide the IT resources you require while enabling your organisation to budget and effectively manage IT costs.

Premier Support

Premier Support is the cornerstone of Allscripts’ commitment to providing innovative, integrated services to our clients, all customised to your organisation’s unique needs. Allscripts Premier Support is part of a superior implementation, as well as ongoing improvements and operational excellence using Allscripts solutions.

Proactive Application Monitoring Service

Allscripts Proactive Application Monitoring Service tracks your organisation’s key Allscripts clinical application efficiencies, helping you meet the highest levels of IT systems performance, reduce unplanned application downtime, and save on operating costs.

Sunrise Upgrade Centre

The Sunrise Upgrade Centre utilises repeatable and reliable processes to attain your desired outcomes within a predictable cost model upon upgrade of any Allscripts product.

Support: Professional Safeguard

The Professional Safeguard tool alerts Allscripts to potential problems with your backups, before your service is affected. The Allscripts support team then responds to automated cases on your behalf, preventing costly downtime and data loss.

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