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Sunrise PAS

Comprehensive patient administration for the needs of the United Kingdom. Your workflows just got better.

For greater efficiency and efficacy, your organisation needs a strong patient administrative function – with truly interoperable solutions to span and optimise disparate systems. Sunrise™ PAS from Allscripts is the flexible foundation you need to support your operational, financial and clinical success. Our comprehensive solution ensures that clinical functionality and real-time administrative workflow fit hand-in-hand. From waiting list management to clinical coding and referral management, our PAS covers all aspects of patient management and care.

Designed specifically to serve the UK care environment, our PAS can be implemented as a standalone system or as part of the full Sunrise solution – to meet your organisation’s unique needs as you leverage existing technologies and take steps toward digital maturity.

In addition to next-generation touch screens, patient kiosks and message alerts, Sunrise PAS includes modules for:

  • Master Patient Indexes

At the heart of an organisation’s operations, the Allscripts PAS helps streamline registration and patient data maintenance as well as the sharing of this information with external systems. Consistent updates from DBS tracing enables the Master Patient Index to hold a full audit of information viewed or changed.

  • Referral Management and RTT

Supporting Trusts in the push to go paperless, the Allscripts PAS referral and RTT monitoring supports seamless integration with the NHS eReferrals system. The system enables easy attaching or scanning of referral information received for a simple, fast clinical review process.

  • Outpatient Scheduling and Management

This feature provides kiosk arrival management, patient display boards for patient flow through the outpatient department and an easily configurable clinic manager view for both administrative and clinical support.

  • Waiting List Management

This tool enables users to record, monito and manage waiting lists based on locally configured requirements. It also assists in identifying patients for offer of admission, directly linking these to pre-operative appointments and theatre schedules in a single process.

  • Inpatient and Bed Management

Displays all emergency, transfer, planned and ad hoc requests, to help with early identification of discharge delay and enables the transfer of care to become more efficient, preventing the cancellation of planned procedures.

  • Clinical Coding

Helps generate revenue through clinical coding, either through native functions or through integrated workflows directly into the Medicode solution. With interactive task lists with outstanding coding, links to the clinical record and the ability to record from all code sets including SNOMED CT, this tool drives efficiencies for the clinical coding team or for in-episode clinician documentation.

  • Casenote Tracking (CNT)

For Trusts still using paper records, the Allscripts PAS fully supports the allocation, recording, tracing and requesting of case notes in all formats. This module is critical for Trusts’ success in transferring to digital patient records. Batch tracking, and a variety of barcode formats, are also used for successfully managing record tracking.

  • Reporting

Provides users a range of standard reports alongside the production of nationally defined commissioning datasets. For example, this includes the latest ICD-11 Emergency Care dataset as a fully automated process.

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